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We noticed that there was a demand in the industry: no one was offering full solutions dedicated specifically to SMBs. Therefore, we decided to put our ability to analyze and improve processes at the manufacturing level, as well as our expertise that allows us to integrate custom digital solutions, designed in-house, to the task to help companies to get up to speed into the digital age.


We are driven by our ambition.


Above and beyond expectations.


We don't wait for it, we make it happen!


Frédéric Garceau

Frederic is co-founder and associate at ARIV. As CEO, he is in charge of managing the company and accompanies clients in their journey to optimize their business processes.

With more than 15 years of experience in the manufacturing sector, he understands very well the issues SMBs and large businesses undergo. Ambitious from a very young age, he makes his clients benefit from his knowledge and skills in planning and optimisation.

Well known for his leadership, for being a caring listener, his autonomy and his capacity to simplify and solve complex issues, Frédéric continuously seeks to perfect his skills for his clients.

Mickael Huot
Antoine Morin
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