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The Audit 4.0 is a MEI (Ministry of Innovation and Economy) initiative that aims to support companies in their transition to industry 4.0. This audit consists in carrying out a diagnosis of their business processes in order to obtain a report that will allow them to know their digital maturity as well as their opportunities presented in personalized digital form.

The purpose of this audit is to accelerate the digital shift of innovative companies. The audit is intended to be a structured and standardized starting point for providing companies with quantified and measurable recommendations.

If you would like to know the list of deliverables for this audit, you can download the following document.

Finally, a MEI financial support is available for eligible companies that want to conduct the Audit 4.0. For more information, please contact us or visit the MEI website.

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Factoview is an IoT software platform developed by ARIV. By using this platform, companies save valuable time because the information they need is available anytime, anywhere, at their fingertips.

  • Are you wasting a lot of time locating tools, equipment or even production units in progress?

  • Do you have the impression that the use of your machines is not optimized? Your set-up times are long and you don't have precise data on equipment productivity?

  • Are you at the mercy of an equipment failure? Are you afraid of a machine breakdown that would cause you to delay your orders and cost you a fortune to repair?

Factoview is what you need!

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